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Upcoming events in 2016

Wednesday 27 January 2016 – Holocaust Memorial Day vigil, 5pm, Dortmund Square, Leeds

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Called by Leeds Unite Against Fascism and Leeds Stand Up to Racism.
The theme of this years Holocaust Memorial Day is ‘Don’t Stand By’. We see all over the world that people are trying to help refugees who are fleeing war. We want to remember the victims of the past and help the victims of the present.
Please bring candles for the vigil – and we will be collecting money for Stand Up to Racism to take to the refugees in Calais – Don’t Stand By! Don’t Let them Freeze!


Protest against the fascist Britain First in Dewsbury – Saturday 30 January – 1pm

Called by ‘We are Dewsbury’ will assemble 13.00 on Long Causeway [which is to the left of the Town Hall as you look at a map. It is NOT the Long Causeway which is over a mile south of the Town hall!] Fact sheet on ‘Britain First’:

Saturday 6 February 2016 Unite Against Fascism conference, London

Saturday 19 March 2016 UN Anti-Racism day demonstration in London – Leeds SUTR are  organising transport down – book your place on the coach now:

Future events / rallies being organised – please get in touch at

For other events follow us on @SUTRLeeds or join our email list thanks…