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Leeds Convoy to Calais 18 June – Refugees welcome here

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Now more than ever we need a huge response to the refugee crisis to counter the racist rhetoric across Europe trying demonise and disenfranchise victims of war, oppression and poverty.

Some of the largest mass movements in Britain have joined together with major trade unions to show solidarity.

Now is the time to increase solidarity with refugees: Convoy to Calais – Saturday 18 June 2016

  • Hundreds more refugees have drowned in the Mediterranean, the British government are refusing to even take parent-less children from Calais, and Syrian refugees are being forced back into the jaws of the war they have fled.
  • The Convoy to Calais on 18 June will be a huge demonstration of solidarity with refugees from the people of this country. The major unions are in. The biggest social movements are in. The Muslim community is in. Are you?
  • This is practical aid but it is also a huge moving protest at the way governments across the continent are failing refugees. This is the time to come together and say: stop the scapegoating, solidarity with the refugees.

Organised by Stand up to Racism, People’s Assembly Against Austerity, Unite the Union, Communications Workers Union, TSSA, Stop the War Coalition,War on Want, Momentum & Muslim Association of Britain.

This is the time to come together and say: stop the scapegoating, solidarity with the refugees.

Here’s what you can do:

  • Come on the Convoy. We need every last lorry, van, bus, car, motorbike or scooter that can come to be with us. Let us know you’re coming by registering, and do make a donation to help with the costs. Even if you have to peel off at Dover and cant make it all the way:

To book your transport and for more info please see here
In Leeds the convoy will be leaving about 6am (tbc) on Saturday 18 June and driving straight to Dover (so avoiding London). We are also considering staying one night in Calais before driving back on the Sunday – for more info about the Leeds convoy please contact

    • Collect: we need material, and money. Collect in your workplace, union, community, place of worship or just among your friends. Every bit counts.

You can download collection sheets etc from here

In terms of materials needed, medics need Cold and Flu medicine (capsules), Vicks (pots and inhaler tubes), Permethrin (Scabies cream), Anti histamines (anti-allergy, used for itching from scabies), Ibuprofen gel, Deep heat/freeze cream AND spray, Tubi grips, Self adhesive bandages (often used on horses!), Bonjela or other mouth sores treatments (lack of dental care on the camps), Vitamin C or multi vitamins, Small packets of tissues, Cough syrup, Mouth wash, Strepsils, Small pots of Vaseline – for updates on what is needed please contact ‘We Are Wakefield’

  • Campaign and fundraise! Leeds Stand Up to Racism are organising a Refugees welcome campaigning stall at Beeston Festival in Cross Flatts Park on Saturday 4 June from 12-5pm (on the anniversary of Dunkirk) – please come along and help out – we are also organising a fundraising meal that evening – Saturday 4 June at 7pm at Fairuz Lebanese restaurant Merrion Street, Leeds LS2 8JU (£20 a head)-  to raise money for the Convoy to Calais – please book your place / rsvp by Friday 3 June – thanks
  • Organise – The Convoy to Calais is being supported by a wide range of groups – including Leeds Coalition Against the War who recently raised  about £600 for We Are Wakefield at their fantastic ‘Rock for Refugees’ gig on 14 May.  Leeds Coalition Against the War will be helping build for the Leeds Convoy to Calais as well – they meet every Wednesday at 7pm at Leeds Civic Hall – all welcome.