EDL not welcome in Keighley / Bradford

From Unite Against Fascism:

The fascist English Defence League (EDL) claim they are to hold two demonstrations in two areas, on Saturday 2nd, September. These are in the West Yorkshire town of Keighley and the nearby city of Bradford.

The EDL are a small rump, a far cry from 6/7 years ago, when thousands marched with them. Their last recent gathering in Rochdale, saw 90 drunken racists facilitated in their hate by hundreds of police, http://uaf.org.uk/2017/07/rochdale-unites-against-fascist-edl/

The EDL  are small due to consistent work by anti fascists like UAF, who have regularly organised against them. They are appealing for unity with fascist groups and will look to ally with violent nazis like the ‘Infidel’ groups. The EDL’s recent demonstrations have all been paltry, and one in Liverpool had to be abandoned, due to the scale of anti fascist opposition.
Both Bradford and Keighley have proud histories of standing up to fascists, in elections and on the streets, over decades.
Unite Against Fascism is calling for people to come out and ensure that the EDL are opposed by all who detest their poison, see event page here


More details re UAF plans will be confirmed soon


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