Stand Up to Tommy Robinson supporters in York this Saturday 9 June


On Friday 1 June around 400 people marched in Leeds, shouting support for Tommy Robinson. The slogan ‘Get the Muslims out’ was chanted by sections of the crowd.  Such vile racism shows the reality of those who are getting behind Robinson. His supporters also evade the fact that Robinson pleaded guilty to contempt of court, in Leeds.  The atmosphere whipped up by the far right and Robinson supporters is toxic. A few days after the ‘Free Tommy Robinson’ march in Leeds, a mosque and a Sikh temple in Beeston were attacked in the early hours of Tuesday 5 June in what police say are “hate crimes” – see the Leeds Stand Up to Racism statement  here

Now there is a ‘Free Tommy Robinson’ march in York on Saturday 9 June – join the York Stand Up to Racism counter-protest – Saturday 9 June 11 am York Minster, 1a Chapter House St, YO1 7HH York

Far right supporters of the Nazi Tommy Robinson have planned an event in York after his arrest for contempt of court in Leeds, assembling at the exact time and place of the York annual Pride march and festival starts from. Their bigotry and hatred has no place on our streets, and is totally at odds with York’s status as a city of sanctuary, acceptance and diversity. Please join with us, stand up to their racism and Islamophobia by making this the biggest anti-racist event York has ever seen.

Leeds Stand Up to Racism are organising transport over for this – contact us for more details.  ¡No pasarán!- They Shall Not Pass!


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