Beeston stands united against racism


(credit: Dave Goodfield)

Many thanks to the over 150 or so people who came today (Sunday 10 June) to support the inspiring Beeston together for peace and unity community vigil organised by Leeds Stand Up to Racism to show solidarity with those targeted by the firebombings of the local mosque and Sikh temple. You can read a report of the vigil and messages of solidarity from a wide range of people from across the local community it got here in South Leeds Life and more images of the vigil on the event facebook page.

The firebombings took place a few days after a march of racists and fascists in support of Tommy Robinson took place in Leeds – see the statement we put out here. In less than a months time the fascist EDL plan to return to Leeds on 7 July in support of their former leader Tommy Robinson – Leeds Stand Up to Racism in conjunction with Unite Against Fascism are organising a counter-protest against them – we cannot allow fascists to run rampage on our streets again leaving racism, violence and terror in their wake. Coming just after about 15,000 fascists took to the streets of London on 9 June – see the report here the need for the kind of unity against racism and fascism on display in Beeston today is critical – we urge people to get in touch with us for more information about how to build the biggest protest possible in Leeds against racism and fascism on Saturday 7 July – we have to organise to turn the slogan ‘¡No pasarán!– they shall not pass’ into a reality.

Fb page for the ‘Fascist EDL not welcome in Leeds’ counterprotest on Saturday 7 July organised by Leeds Stand Up to Racism and Leeds Unite Against Fascism:


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