United we can stop the rise of the racist right

If June was a dark month for Leeds, with two mobilisations of hundreds of racist and fascist supporters of jailed fascist Tommy Robinson in the city, and a local mosque and Sikh temple firebombed by racists – July showed clearly what sort of city Leeds really is.

On Saturday 7 July around over 700 anti-racists and anti-fascists took to the streets to massively outnumber 100 or so members of the fascist ‘Yorkshire Patriots’ – for a report of the day see here, while a journalist also reported on the Stand Up to Racism mobilisation on the day here.


Shadow Secretary of State for Justice Richard Burgon MP addressing the Stand Up to Racism rally on 7 July in Leeds – Hilary Benn MP also spoke while we recieved a message of support from Fabian Hamilton MP. Other speakers including local trade unionists, members of faith communities and anti-racist campaigners.   There was also a great mobilisation by Wakefield Stand Up to Racism on the same day, where 250 anti-racists humiliated about 20 members of the fascist National Front.  




On the march in Leeds on 7 July 

A few days later there were two rallies against the world’s number one racist Donald Trump in Leeds, organised by the Stand Up to Trump coalition in solidarity with the national ‘Together Against Trump’ protests, which Leeds SUTR were part of – and 50 people also travelled down to London on the Leeds Stand Up to Trump coach.


On 12 July 50 or so people rallied just as Trump flew into the country. 


Kauser Jan of Leeds NEU addressing the mass Leeds Against Trump rally on Friday 13 July in Leeds – 1,500 people marched around Leeds that evening – while 250,000 rallied in London and thousands took to the streets up and down the country trumpleeds1

Part of the mass march in Leeds on 13 July against Trump – ‘this is what democracy looks like!’

The protest on 7 July in Leeds and the mass Trump protests both locally and nationally show the potential to build a mass united anti-racist movement that can turn the tide back against the racist offensive coming from the top of society – from the likes of Trump and also May, responsible for the ‘hostile environment’ policy which led to the Windrush scandal – and also the fascists like Tommy Robinson who are emboldened by Trump and May who are trying to build a street movement in Britain.  If you want to help us build such a movement in Leeds please get in touch with us – and join Stand Up to Racism nationally here.


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